Buying Motorcycle in Georgia

Buying a motorcycle in Georgia is not much different from buying any other vehicle. You will have to follow the routine procedures for obtaining motorcycle license, title and registration.

To begin with, you won’t be issued registration and title unless you have a valid driving license. If you do not have one already, you can get a Class M motorcycle license from the Department of Driver Services, as long as you are at least sixteen years old. If you are younger than seventeen years old, you will have to obtain parental consent before applying for the license. You can contact the Georgia Department of Motor Vehicles for more assistance.
Once you have the license, you can take that along with other required documents to the Tax Commissioner’s Tag Office to obtain the title and tag. You will also need to have a completed title or tag application form, identity card and a proof of ownership. You will also have to submit the proof of insurance which declares that you meet the minimum financial responsibility requirement, certificate of inspection and a proof of Georgia residency. You are not required to have an emissions test clearance for motorcycle registration.

In addition to the above mentioned paperwork, necessary fee, in the form of cash, check or pay order has to be submitted as well at the Tax Commissioner’s Tag Office. This includes an annual registration and tag fee of twenty dollars, an ad Valorem tax, sales tax and a title fee of eighteen dollars. Georgia Department of Revenue gives in depth information on the exact required amount of fee, particularly the amount you have to pay as an ad valorem tax which is based on the current market value of your motorcycle. This means that it will vary depending upon whether it is a new motorcycle that you have bought or a used one. An additional ten dollars will be charged for late registration. There is no set deadline for registration; it varies from county to county. You will have to keep in mind the registration period applicable to your county and have the bike registered before time limit.

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