Buying Used Car in Los Angeles

Buying a car, new or old, is not an easy task. It needs careful decisions to get something that is good value for money. In Los Angeles, the number of cars on the roads seems to be growing every day. A growing number of used cars is also being advertised for sale here.

The prices on used cars are often negotiable even if they are already cheaper than new cars to begin with. However, many things need to be considered when buying a used car. The most important is to have the used car checked thoroughly before you make a purchase. Therefore, if you want to make a smart choice, it is vital to have knowledge about the car buying process.

The foremost thing is to decide if the car one is looking to buy suits one’s taste, budget and auto needs. You can explore online car classifieds and compare the prices of different car models. You can also check the various features of a car online. This information is very helpful as it fully equips you with knowledge about the car you are considering and reduce the chances of being outsmarted by the used car dealer.

You must also remember to get the vehicle identification number (VIN) as the car history can be checked against it. With a VIN number, you can order a vehicle history report which reduces the risks of a bad deal. Having a report, one can verify how the car has been used and if there have been any accidents, damages and odometer changes. On viewing the car, you should examine the car for its overall condition and take a test drive to affirm a dealer’s claims. Only if you are completely satisfied with it should you start negotiating and draw a deal.

After the deal is done you need to get the car transferred in your own name in 10 days as the Los Angeles rule dictates. A transfer fee has to be submitted within 30 days; this is $15 in Los Angeles. To complete the sale process, a bill of sale has to be given to the buyer.

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