Driving Record

Drivers all over the United States are quickly learning that they have the right to monitor and receive reports about their driving record. Some drivers decide to get their driving records online and other choose to wait in line at their DMV to get same information. No matter if you like going down to the DMV or if you prefer to complete the process online, one thing is clear… You are entitled to see what is reported to the DMV and what your insurance company will see.

For most states, you can order your driving records directly through the DMV and the fees vary. However, one of the fastest ways to get your online driving record is through our advertising partner backgroundchecks.com. You can also order criminal records, individual background checks and Social Security Number verifications.

By actively monitoring your records you can:

  • See what insurance companies are basing your rate on
  • View suspensions and driving license status
  • Moving violations
  • Know what a prospective employer may base their decision on
  • Monitor points assigned to your license
  • View Endorsements and classifications

Here are some frequently asked questions from our readers:

Q: I wasn’t hired as a delivery driver because of my driving record. What can I do to improve and how long will the moving violations take to be expunged from my record?

A: All states vary but in general the only way for you to clean up your record is to wait it out. Some larger violations like a DUI will never go away or will stay on your record for a long time, but generally normal moving violations get dropped from your record over time. Please see your individual state for more information on this topic.

Q: I received a speeding ticked and I don’t know if it’s on my record. How can I find out if it shows up because I am thinking about getting life insurance?

A: Something that you would never think that could be tied to your driving record is your risk assessment from an insurance company. Well more and more insurance companies are using this as a factor in setting your life insurance rates. Before you fill out any applications for life insurance, it is important to see what your driving record shows as this will give you more negotiating power if you have a good driving record.

Q: I was in an auto accident and it was the other driver’s fault. Will this still shop up on my record.

A: All states vary in this department, but in general yes the accident will not show up on your record if you didn’t receive a ticket.

Q: What kind of information do I need to have in order to get my online driving record?

A: Most states require that you have the following:

  • First and Last Name
  • Birth Date
  • Drivers License Number and Expiration
  • Full Address
It is also occasionally more difficult to retrieve a record from an address that you have not been at least 2 years or more.