San Diego Change of Address

Did you know that you need to inform your local DMV office if you change your address or location in any state? This is mainly because your car registration, license, and identification card carry your address that must be correct at all times. If you move to another city or county, it is important that you provide the new address to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in case you need to be contacted. Individuals have a period of 10 days to get their address changed on their vehicle documents. The department of motor vehicles is the main authority that handles such queries and requests.

Just like in all other state, residents in California can seek help regarding this issue through DMV branches situated throughout the state.

San Diego Change of Address

There are three basic methods of notifying the DMV office about your address change. You can complete this process through mail, in person, or online. In most cases, individuals will be required to pay a visit to the local branch to acquire a Change of Address form which is also known as a DMV-14 form. Along with this form, you will also have to provide your current license and registration document, a form of identification, and proof of new residency. Please remember that a temporary mailing address cannot be provided to the department.

For some individuals, online change of address is possible. The department of California has developed an online change of address system that allows users to fill out the forms online. However, it is best that you first get in touch with the office to find out if you are eligible for online services or not.

In most cases, you may not be issued a new license or registration card when you change your address, but this information is noted and recorded by the department. For those who wish to get a new license that shows their new address, a certain fee is charged. This procedure has been designed to make sure the department of motor vehicles has updated contact information of all vehicles in California.

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