Drivers Education in Massachusetts

Teenagers are at a much higher risk of causing an accident. This is recognized by most states. In an attempt to make driving safer for teenage drivers, The Commonwealth of Massachusetts makes driver’s education mandatory for all applicants of Class D & M license who are less than eighteen years of age. These programs are offered at public high schools and by professional driving schools. Participants are advised to ensure that the school is licensed by the RMV before enrolling in a program.

A driver’s education program is divided into two parts. The first one involves thirty hours of classroom instruction. Students will be taught about safe driving practices and correct operation of vehicles. They will also be familiarized with the Massachusetts vehicle code describing various traffic rules and regulations like vehicle ownership, licensing requirements. Special emphasis is placed on instilling the correct driving practices under stressful situations. The education also informs about the impact of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

The second part of drivers education in Massachusetts, deals with on-road driving instruction. Students will be applying the theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom instruction to the practical aspects of driving.  It will last for a total of eighteen hours. Behind-the-wheel instruction will take twelve hours. It is imperative that you have a valid driving permit and be at least sixteen years of age, in order to start with this part of your education. Participants will learn about different controls and devices in the vehicle. Fundamental driving practices are explained like starting the engine, making turns and using gears.The remaining six hours are to be spent observing other students receiving behind the wheel instruction.

Once you start a driver’s education program, you must complete it within two years. After the successful completion of the program, participants are issued a driver education certificate. This must be presented to the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles when applying for the driving license. To obtain your Junior Operator License, you will have to complete an additional twelve hours of driving. Your parents will be required to certify this by signing the RMV form.

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