NY New York drivers manual

Driving handbook New York contains all essential information on the traffic rules and regulations that need to be followed in the state of New York. The manual is illustrated with figures and diagrams to make certain that you fully understand the rules involved.
The manual is divided into different parts for easy reference. The first part deals with information on owning and operating a vehicle in New York. It details the procedure that needs to be followed when applying for a driver’s permit and license. The manual also states the insurance rates and requirements that need to be in place before you get on road. Vehicle registration and title transfers are some of the other topics that are covered in the handbook.  The driver violation point system is also explained and you can find in depth information on different violations and the points that they contribute to your total.
The second part of the manual describes the facts that need to be followed once you are on the road. This part expounds traffic control with all the signals, signs and markings that you should know about. The heading of Intersections and Turns lays down the rules to maneuver your automobile in thousands of vehicles. There is abundant information on parking and passing directions as well.
The third part instructs the readers on how to drive safely both for your sake as well as the others’. This part gives specific conditions and governs what your response should be under these. Some of the topics include night driving, driving in rain, and driving under the influence of alcohol and other drugs. Perhaps the most important part of the manual is the description of how you should proceed in case you are involved in a crash. It is a criminal violation in NY to leave the crash scene if any fatalities or injuries are involved. So readers should pay particular attention to this part. Together the last two parts contain the content from which the driver’s license and permit written tests are derived.
The New York state provides the driver’s manual free of cost in order to ensure proper dissipation of rules and regulations. You can read it online on New York state DMV website or order a copy from your local DMV office.

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