Drivers Training In San Francisco

Now that you have gone through driver’s education, it is time to put all that theory to the test. Drivers training in San Francisco can either be acquired at your high school, if you are a young driver, or you can always opt for a driving school that has been licensed by the state of California.  


Importance of Getting Drivers Training

The importance of receiving a structured form of guidance in graduated sessions can really be a life saver. Moreover, the correct knowledge and skills that you will be need to equip yourself with will decrease your chances of committing traffic violations and thus getting tickets. A good driver’s training course will also assist in making the safe handling of your vehicle seem second nature to you.


Requirements for Drivers Training

Just any kind of driver’s training will not do. If you want to become a successfully licensed driver in San Francisco, you need to make sure that the driver’s training program you undertake fulfils certain objectives.


  • There should be a minimum of 6 hours of driver’s training in the program
  • The driver’s training needs to be spaced out. This means that on any given day, the time spent behind the wheel should not be more than 2 hours. Of course you can sit beside another licensed driver and observe their driving, but this time is not counted towards the total six-hour requirement.


Guidelines for Drivers Training in San Francisco

Although the California DMV has set certain minimum standards that have to be met by driving schools, there are certain tips that you can keep in mind when selecting a behind-the-wheel training program in your city.


  1. For verifying the status and certification of a driving school, check its status on DMV’s website in the Occupational License Status Information System database. You can also call on their helpline and inquire.
  1. A Better Business Bureau membership also signifies the quality of the training program
  1. Try to find out about all the expenses and extra costs and do a cross-comparison with other schools


At the end of the day, it is your safety and wellbeing that matters. So if for any reason you are unsatisfied with the instructor, the timings or the policies of the training program, be sure to ask about the cancellation procedure.

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