Driving License San Diego

Everyone looks forwards to turning 18 because with it comes a number of privileges including the privilege of driving at all times without supervision. States including California have designed rules and regulations for getting a drivers license. If you fulfill all these requirements and clear a series of driving tests, you are eligible for a valid California driver’s license. The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) regulates all rules for new drivers. From traffic rules to car registration, this department oversees a number of issues. The main purpose of the DMV is to qualify drivers for licenses, regulate road rules, promote public safety, and make sure all vehicles in the state are registered.

Getting a License in San Diego

Before you can acquire a valid driving license San Diego, you need to complete a drivers education course and get a learners permit which is also known as a provisional license. These are the two main requirements that all drivers must fulfill. If you have recently moved to San Diego and are over 18, you have a minimum of 10 days to get a license here.

A provisional license is the first step towards getting a license. You need to practice driving and acquire training from a certified driving school. These schools are dedicated to helping individuals learn about the basics of driving and become responsible drivers. Once a course has been complete, and you have completed the minimum training hours, you can visit your local DMV office and apply for a license.

The procedure for new license applicants is very simple. You will have to fill out a DL-44C form. Side by side, you will have your picture taken and also your thumb prints. But this is just the paperwork that you will go through. The next step will be to schedule a driving test with the department. Driving tests are mandatory in all states. No authority will issue a license to a driver without first testing their skills and knowledge. The test comprises a written and driving section. You will be tested by an authorized instructor will evaluate your driving skills. A total of three attempts are given to a driver to clear the test.

Once the test is cleared, and all the paperwork is completed, you will receive a license within a few days and then you are legally allowed to get behind the wheel.

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