Los Angeles Driving Test

Driving Test in Los Angeles

California, the most populous state in the United States, has millions of registered vehicles and licensed drivers. The state’s largest and the most populous city is Los Angeles, where millions of vehicles are on the roads at any given time. Therefore, drivers, passengers, and pedestrians safety is of great importance to the state. For this reason, driver licenses are issued to those who successfully pass the state’s driving test.  

Those who are over 18 years of age and never been licensed before will be issued a permit, if they pass the following tests:

  • Vision test
  • Sign and traffic laws test

The written test is composed of 36 questions, and the applicant has three chances to pass the test. Sample tests are available online and it is advised that the applicant studies the California Driver Handbook before taking the sample tests. For a regular driver license (Class C License), the written test (questions have multiple answers to choose from) may consist of questions along the following lines:

  • When must you obey instructions from school crossing guards?
  • What should you do when getting ready to make a right turn?
  • What should you do when you have a green light but the traffic is blocking the intersection?
  • What is the safest precaution that you can take regarding the use of cellular phones?
  • When is it illegal to park your vehicle?
  • When must you notify the DMV within 5 days?
  • Under what circumstances may you not park your vehicle?

Once the permit is issued, the driver must practice driving on the roads with someone who is at least 18 years of age and with a valid California driver license. In order to take the Behind-the-Wheel test, the driver must make an appointment with the DMV. The driver has three chances to pass the test. If he/she fails, it is advised that he/she does more practice before making another appointment; there is no waiting period though.

Are you thinking of taking the driving test in Los Angeles? Visit the DMV’s website to access the sample tests and practice as much as possible.


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Q:What can I do to ensure that I pass my Los Angeles driving test?

A:The most important thing to keep in mind when taking you driving test would be to signal properly when turning either left or right. Observing the speed limit and traffic signs, as well as following the flow of the traffic are also essential aspects of your driving that they DMV officer assessing you will use as a basis for giving you a passing mark or not.

Q:What can I expect in Los Angeles driving test questions?

A:The driving test will check your driving proficiency. The examiner will ask you to display your skills by driving through intersections (uncontrolled, controlled, and stop signs) and backing your vehicle. You must also be able to successfully execute left and right hand turns as well as complete left and right lane changes. You will also be required to drive in residential and business areas.