San Jose Driving Test

Did you know that no driver in California can get behind the wheel without first clearing a driving test? Driving tests have been made a mandatory part of the license application process. With the rise in the number of accidents in California, the Department of Motor Vehicles has devised public safety programs to educate and train drivers. The department is authorized to conduct all license tests, accept license applications, evaluate test results, and issue legal drivers licenses in the state to qualified individuals.


San Jose Driving Test

If you are a resident in San Jose and need to apply for a license, make sure you are well prepared for the driving test. You will be given three chances to clear the test. But there is no need to worry, as many applicants are unable to pass the test in the first go. If you fail all three attempts, you will have to re-apply for a license. To schedule a test, you will need to get in touch with the local DMV, provide certain documents such as identity card, learners permit, and driver education certificate.


The test for class C license is basically divided up into a written section and a practical section. In the written portion of the exam, you will be asked to answer questions related to California traffic laws, road rules, penalties and violations, insurance, driving safety tips, road signs and their interpretation. It is best that you acquire a handbook and prepare for the written test. Drivers handbooks are easily available from any local DMV office.


In the practical section of the test, you will be required to operate a vehicle under the supervision of an instructor. He or she will score you’re driving and determine your readiness for license. Listed below are a few driving maneuvers your examiner will evaluate:

  • Backing and parking a vehicle
  • Driving through intersections
  • Driving in residential and business areas
  • Making turns and obeying traffic signs
  • Defensive driving
  • Speeding
  • Control of vehicle
  • Pulling in and out of traffic

If you pass on this test, you will be issued a license in a few days. Then you are legally allowed to get behind the wheel without a learners permit.

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