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Anchorage Division Of Motor Vehicles - Alaska

State:Alaska - Division of Motor Vehicles - DMV
DMV Location: Ak DMV Express Services - AK
DMV Office Address: 3300 Arctic Boulevard, Anchorage, AK 99503

DMV Phone Number: 907-345-2886

Q:Does the DMV Anchorage AK only deal with regular commuter and transport vehicles or are other forms of road machinery addressed as well?

A:The Division of Motor Vehicles that is based in Anchorage, AK deals with all sorts moving machinery and vehicles on Alaskan roads. Other than regular cars, motorcycles, buses, vans and pick-up trucks, it also oversees the safe and legal operations of snow vehicles, trailers, mobile homes, All Terrain Vehicles as well as powered and non-powered boats. Explore this site more for further details.

Q:What are the working hours of the offices of the DMV Anchorage Alaska and when is it usually closed?

A:During the week, i.e. from Mondays to Fridays, the regular office hours are from 8.30 am to 4.30 am. However, the DMV Anchorage Alaska office is also open on Saturdays and observes the same timings as the rest of the weekdays. The office normally closes whenever there are employee trainings scheduled or there is some ongoing illness. This site has a lot of information so please feel free to browse more.

Q:When is the best time to visit the DMV in Anchorage Alaska?

A:Though the offices of the DMV located on West Benson Boulevard in Alaska are open from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm Mondays through Saturdays, the best time to make a visit to the office would be mid-mornings. Additionally, going there in the middle of the week and mid-month will further make your trip worthwhile.

Q:Where is the Anchorage DMV located and what are its office hours?

A:The Anchorage DMV is also the State DMV Office as well as the Anchorage Field Office. It is located on 1300 West Benson Boulevard, which is situated between Spenard Road and Minnesota Drive and is towards Benson Boulevard's south side. The office is open during all weekdays and even on Saturdays from 8.30 am to 4.30 am.

Q:On what days during the year are the offices of DMV Anchorage usually closed?

A:The DMV Anchorage's offices are scheduled to be closed on most national holidays. They are closed on all days of the Memorial Day Weekend as well as the Labor Day one, i.e. Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Other than Independence Day, the office is also closed on the weekend of Veterans Day and on days of Thanksgiving and Christmas. You can browse through the pages of this site for getting more details.