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Montgomery - DOR- Alabama -DMV- Department of Revenue

State:Alabama - Department of Revenue - DOR
DMV Location: Montgomery - AL
DMV Office Address: PO Box 223, Montgomery, AL 36195-0223

DMV Phone Number: 334-832-1233

Q:Does the DMV Montgomery Alabama allow for vehicle owners to renew their registration online?

A:Yes, the DMV offices located in Montgomery, Alabama allow people that have their vehicles registered in Alabama to renew their respective registrations over the internet. You need to visit the specific county website of the DMV to find out the exact procedure. Keep on browsing our site for more details about this.

Q:What kind of services does the Montgomery DMV Alabama offer?

A:There are several offices of the DMV in Alabama so you need to be sure that the one that you are going to offers the kind of service that you require. Most of the DMV's branch offices in Alabama have only a few services such as registration, titling and plates. However, the DMV premises on 1040 Coliseum Blvd. have a full range of services from applying for driving licenses to CDL driving.

Q:Which DMV Montgomery Alabama do I need to visit in order to get a replacement registration sticker or a car tag?

A:You need to visit a branch center of the Alabama Motor Vehicle Division (AL MVD) in Alabama that handles title transactions and car registrations. This would be the Tag & Title offices in your county, which in the case of Montgomery, Alabama, are four. These include the ones located at 100 S. Lawrence Street, 3075 Mobile Highway, 3032 Woodley Road and 5449 Atlanta Highway.

Q:Do I need to contact the Montgomery DMV AL if I want to get my boat registered?

A:No. For registering a powerboat, a sail boat or boats for hire, you need to contact the Alabama Department of conservation and Natural Resources and apply for registration with them. You can also make a trip to the Judge of Probate for your local county and even the license commissioner and register the boat in person.

Q:Can I renew my license by calling on a Montgomery DMV phone number?

A:License renewals can only be done through mail or in person in Alabama. You can call a driver license office to make an appointment but you will have to submit the appropriate paperwork and fees specific for your license. If any tests are required, you will need to submit their certificates as well.

Q:Can I get professional help by calling on an AL DMV Montgomery phone number?

A:Yes. The DMV phone number is 334-832-1233. You can call to get more information on driver services like obtaining a driver's license or permit, registration or title applications, payment of traffic ticket fines, and a change of name and address. You will receive instructions on how to proceed under your specific circumstance.