Arkansas DMV Office Locations

Q:How is the DMV Arkansas informed of my financial liability status?

A:Every time you purchase a new insurance policy or extend an existing one to new vehicles, your insurance carrier will electronically report that information to the Arkansas Office of motor vehicles. Your information is stored in Arkansas Insurance Database. This is required under the Insurance Verification Program. The database will also contain updated information about all your insurance cancellations, non-renewals, and reinstatement.

Q:Can you give me some information on the point and suspension system organized by the DMV AR?

A:Upon accumulating 10 to 13 points on your driving record, you will receive a warning letter from the Arkansas DMV. If you exceed that limit and go between 14 to 17 points, you will face a license suspension of three months. This will increase to six months if 18 to 24 points are accumulated. Going beyond 24 points will be penalized by one year suspension

Q:I have moved to Arkansas and I need to get my license renewed. Do I have to go to AR dmv office?

A:For license renewal, you can visit a local DMV office, request for renewal forms through mail, or fill out the form online. Not necessarily will you have to pay the local DMV office a visit. However, since you have mentioned that you are a new resident in Arkansas, the renewal process may vary slightly if you wish to change your address on the new license. For this, it is best that you go to a local DMV and get information.

Q:Where can I find the Arkansas Dmv office?

A:Arkansas is a large state that comprises of various small and big cities. The department of motor vehicles in Arkansas is the main body that handles all kinds of vehicle related matters. It has offices in every state and locality. You can check out the office near you. To get more information, take a look at our site.