Delaware DMV Office Locations

Q:What kinds of online services does the DE DMV offer?

A:The DMV based in Delaware has more than a dozen online services on offer. They range from administrative hearing request, finding out branch wait times, locating car dealerships, calculating the fees for the various services to changing your address on your vehicle registration as well as being able to renew it.

Q:Are there any medical reporting requirements of the Delaware DMV at the time of applying for a new license or a renewal?

A:Yes, in both instances, when registering and renewing licenses, the applicants have to report any medical complications that might interfere with their driving abilities. They are required to submit a proper certificate stating so from their physician that states that the applicant in question is in full control of his or her abilities so as to be able to drive a car safely.

Q:Where can I find information on the requirements of the DMV Delaware for issuing a CDL license? Are these overlooked in any situation?

A:The DMV in Delaware maintains a commercial driver's manual that contains all the requirements that apply to drivers seeking commercial licenses. These requirements can be waived in the situation if the driver is operating farm machinery, firefighting equipment such as a fire engine, recreational vehicles such as parade floats or military vehicles. You can browse through our site for more information.

Q:During what timings does the DMV DE operate in?

A:Though the specific hours of business vary according to branch location, the offices of the DMV in Delaware are open during the same hours on all days of the week, except for Wednesdays. On Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, the timings are from 8 am to 4.30 pm and on Wednesdays, they are from 12 pm noon to 8 pm.