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Savannah - MVD - Georgia -DMV- Motor Vehicle Division

State:Georgia - Motor Vehicle Division - MVD
DMV Location: Savannah Customer Service Center #42 - GA
DMV Office Address: 1117 Eisenhower Drive, Savannah, GA 31406

DMV Phone Number: 678-413-8400

Q:The Savannah dmv hours for service are?

A:The DMV office in Savanna is open from 7:30 to 5:00 Monday to Friday. You can visit the office within these hours for help. You can also call up in advance and find get and seek an appointment. The office can take care of all kinds of issues related to licensing, car registration, drivers manual, name plate change, and more.

Q:Will I be able to get information about the minimum insurance requirements at the office of dmv Savannah GA?

A:Yes, you can get all kinds of information regarding car insurance and its requirements in GA by visiting any local DMV office. If you are living in Savanna GA, you can visit your local DMV office and ask for detail in this matter. It is important to remember that licensing is mandatory for all cars registered in this state.

Q:At the dmv Savannah Georgia office, how long will it take me to get my license renewed?

A:The time will depend upon your current status of the license, and completion of forms/documentation. For renewing a license, you must fill out a form and submit it to the DMV office. Along with this form, you will also have to pay a fee. The DMV office will validate the documents and renew your license in a defined time period.

Q:I want to register my out of state vehicle in Georgia. Since I live in Savanna, can I visit the office for dmv Savannah?

A:Yes, you can visit your local DMV office for car registration purposes. The office will guide you through the registration process and will help you understand the requirements for getting an out of state vehicle registered here. You can get more information about the registration process by browsing through our pages.

Q:My teenager is turning 16 next month, can I get help regarding a drivers permit from the Savannah dmv office?

A:Yes, you can get help regarding this area. Since your child is turning 16, he or she can apply for this permit through the DMV office. There are certain requirements that must be fulfilled first. You can learn about these requirements by contacting the DMV office. Take a look at our website for more information.