Iowa Department Of Motor Vehicles - MVD

Q:How can I get I apply for a driving test at the office of dmv IA?

A:Once you have completed the drivers education course and are old enough to apply for a license, you need to get a road test scheduled with the local DMV office. It is important that you clear the driving test and complete all other requirements for a license. To find out more about applying for licenses, look through our site.

Q:As I was trying to find the address for the dmv Iowa office, I came across the age limit for getting a license in Iowa. Can you tell me what this is?

A:You need to be at least 18 years old to apply for a drivers license in Iowa. Most of the states require individual to be 18 or over to legally drive. One cannot apply for a license without providing identity and age. There are other requirements that also need to be fulfilled such as completing a drivers education course etc.

Q:Does Iowa DMV site also provide information on how to get car quotes?

A:At Iowa DMV site you can check the car buying and selling part. It gives all information to help both buyers and sellers. Starting from the search process and getting quotes to the end process you can find step by step help that can make your vehicle buying or selling process much simpler and safer.

Q:Tell me if IA DMV would have details of car insurance policies?

A:IA DMV will have car insurance requirements information applicable in the state of Iowa. As the requirements can vary from state to state it is best to get the manual of your state. You can refer to the online DMV site and download the PDF manual to see the minimum insurance that you may need. You can also find advice on how to get insurance from a secure source.