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Chicago Central - VSD - Illinois - Vehicle Services Department

State:Illinois - Vehicle Services Department - VSD
DMV Location: Chicago Central - IL
DMV Office Address: 100 West Randolph, Chicago, IL 60601

DMV Phone Number: 312-793-1010

Q:Which offices are within the vicinity of the Chicago DM?

A:There are around five DMV service centers that are in the vicinity of the Chicago DMV. These include the one in Aurora in Kane County, the Joilet DMV that is located in Will County, the DMV office that is situate within the Niles city Four Flags Shopping Center in Cook County and two in the city of Waukegan.

Q:Is the DMV Chicago IL the only one that offers vehicular services?

A:No there are a number of other offices in the vicinity that offer the same services. These are mostly located in the same county that the Chicago DMV is located, which is Cook County, as well as adjacent counties. There is one in Joliet in Will County and another two in the counties of Lake and Kane.

Q:I am a resident of the windy city and need to get some DMV related work done. However the DMV Chicago Illinois closes at 5 pm and I get free after that. Is there any other DMV office in the vicinity that is open longer?

A:Yes, other than the DMV office that is located at 100 West Randolph Concourse Level, there is one located at 5401 North Elston Avenue that is open late. However, it is only open after 5 pm on Wednesdays. The work hours on Wednesday at this service center are from 10 am to 7 pm.

Q:I need to know the exact Chicago DMV hours as I don't want to come to the office only to find it closed. When it is a good time to come then?

A:The offices of the Chicago DMV keep the same business hours on all days of the week, Mondays through Fridays. These are from 8o' clock in the morning to 5o' clock in the evening. However, it is not a guarantee that the office will always be open during these hours as it is closed on all state and federal holidays. Explore our site further for more information.