Nebraska DMV Office Locations

Q:What are the new requirements for CDLs that have been put into effect by the Nebraska DMV?

A:The passage of the LB178 and it becoming effective since the start of 2012 has mandated that all residents of Nebraska that hold a commercial driver's license submit a certified document that states exactly what kind of commercial operation they are engaged in. They have to do so no later than 30th January, 2014.

Q:What are some of the main instructions that the DMV Nebraska requires individuals holding a CDL to follow?

A:Firstly, all Nebraska residents that possess a CDL are directed to make sure that the Nebraska DMV has their current address on file so that they receive all mailed material such as renewal notices. In case that you don't receive the renewal notice, you have to fill out the CDL Data Form that is available for download from the DMV's site. Keep on browsing through our site for the complete details.

Q:What is the policy of the NE DMV for those individuals holding a CDL that do not want it any longer?

A:The commercial driver's license holders that do not wish to keep their license any longer are advised to visit the nearest driver's licensing office of the Nebraska DMV and request to have their CDL status downgraded to that of a Class O, or a car license. However, this has to be done by the deadline mentioned in the letter sent by the NE DMV.

Q:What is the policy of the DMV NE regarding out-of-state car owners?

A:The DMV of Nebraska requires that all car owners that come into the state for residency or working purposes obtain a NE-specific title and car registration within 30 days of their arrival. All such registrations and titling is done at the county-level offices of the NE DMV and so you have to determine which one applies to you and act accordingly.