Motor Vehicle Division, New Mexico

Q:If I look on DMV NM, can I find help to get the right insurance?

A:DMV NM aims to facilitate the New Mexico residents by providing them guidelines on how to do things related to vehicles. You can find the rules that apply on vehicle insurance policies and the process that is involved to get the right quotes and the insurance that suits you the most.

Q:Can I get to know how to pay a traffic ticket through online NM DMV site?

A:DMV lists information on driving and traffic laws etc as applicable in different states as the traffic rules may vary slightly. You can go into the New Mexico section and find out the step by step process of paying traffic tickets. The legal requirements and tips can also be checked here. You can see how much fine is to be paid and how.

Q:If I buy a car in New Mexico, will I have to get it registered at the New Mexico dmv office?

A:All motor vehicles bought in New Mexico need to be registered at the DMV office in the state. It is illegal to drive a car that is not registered. The process for registration involves submission of a few documents and applications. Find out what these are by searching for information on our page.

Q:Can I get online services at the dmv New Mexico office?

A:The DMV office in New Mexico offers a few online services to customers. You can renew your vehicle registration online, search for a drivers record online, get status updates regarding vehicle registration and titling, make an appointment online, and also apply for weight distance permits online. Find out more about these services on our page.