New York DMV Office Locations

Q:I am going to visit a DMV New York NY to register my car. Can you mention the paperwork that I should bring along?

A:You must take along these documents when visiting the local NYSDMV Office for car registration: Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin, bill of sale (form MV-50) and proof of payment of sales tax. You will be asked to furnish a New York State Insurance Identification Card (form FS-20), a proof of identification and date of birth, and a completed Vehicle Registration/Title Application (Form MV-82).

Q:Does the New York dmv NY branch accept appointments?

A:Yes, the branch for DMV services accepts appointments made through telephone. You can call up the office on its official contact number and book an appointment. The office provides all kinds of services related to registration, license renewal, testing, and commercial licensing. Take a further look at our informative pages.

Q:Can I get my commercial license renewed at the local New York dmv office?

A:Yes, you can definitely get your license renewed ta the local NY DMV office. The procedure for commercial license renewal is slightly different from regular license renewal. You must get tin touch with the officials at the DMV office and find out what the procedure is. You may have to pay a renewal fee and also fill out a renewal form.

Q:As I was searching for the various DMV office locations in New York State, I came across driving tests. I would like to know of passing a test for a permit is necessary?

A:There is no test requirement when applying for learners permit in NY. You must fulfill the following basic permit requirements: you should be at least 15 years old, you must be enrolled in a driving education course, and you need to submit an application for a permit at any local DMV office. If you want to find out more, go through our pages.