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Albany - DMV - New York - Department of Motor Vehicles

State:New York - Department of Motor Vehicles - DMV
DMV Location: Albany - NY
DMV Office Address: 224 So. Pearl Street, Albany, NY 12202
Albany Office-NYSDMV
DMV Phone Number: 800-225-5368


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Q:Recently the Albany DMV Commissioner was in the news. What was the issue?

A:The DMV commissioner for NY was being questioned about a contract for computerized services with a Canadian company that could cost taxpayers an extra 38 million dollars. The company would primarily be issuing licenses and ID via a secure process, which critics say is not very reliable as well as point out that the bidding process was not fair.

Q:How should I go about applying for a motorcycle permit during Albany motor vehicle hours of DMV, if I have a driver's license already?

A:You will need to fill out form MV-44 for a learner permit and bring this completed form MV-44 and your current photo driver license to the DMV office. Pay the required fee of $21 and take the written test. On successful completion of the written test, you will be issued Class M or Class MJ permit.

Q:My search on Albany New York DMV office phone number led to the mention of documents needed for initial vehicle registration. Can you explain what these are?

A:You will need to furnish the proof of insurance, the proof of ownership, proof of identity, an Application for Registration form and a filled out Form MV-103. You will also need proof of sales tax paid (Form DTF-804), purchase price or Sales Tax Exemption (Form DTF-803). You will need to complete form DTF-802 if you have bought the vehicle privately. You must also prove that your vehicle meets the emission standard or provide a proof of exemption.