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Summit County - BMV - Ohio - Bureau of Motor Vehicles

State:Ohio - Bureau of Motor Vehicles - BMV
DMV Location: Summit County - OH
DMV Office Address: 480 South Portage Lakes Drive, Akron, OH 44319
Akron (South)
DMV Phone Number: 330-644-8848

Q:I have lost my license and need to apply for another one, will I have to visit the dmv Akron OH office?

A:In case of applying for another license, you will have to find out what applications you must fill out and submit. So it is recommended that you visit the office and get information. You can also call up the office and talk to an official that may be able to help you. Learn more about this on our pages.

Q:As I was reading about the services offered by Akron dmv Ohio office, I came across car insurance. Why is mandatory here?

A:Car insurance is mandatory in almost every state. Having financial coverage for vehicle damage can help ease the financial burden on drivers in case of an accident or theft. There are certain minimum insurance requirements that all drivers must fulfill. You can find out more about these requirements in your state by looking through our site.

Q:While reading an article on dmv Akron Ohio services, I found out that the applications for car registration can be requested through mail. Is this true?

A:Yes, it is true that you can request for applications and forms through mail. If you are unable to visit the office for registration, you can receive the forms through mail. However, it is recommended that you visit the office where the officials can help you fill out the application correctly. Find out more on our website.

Q:Can you give me the OH dmv Akron phone number?

A:The DMV office in OH Akron can be contacted on (330)-630-7245. You can confirm an appointment on this number and also seek guidance for any vehicle related matter. The DMV office is dedicated to helping car owners in OH. From insurance requirements to car registration, the office provides a range of services.

Q:During what hours can I visit the Akron dmv OH office?

A:You can visit the office on Mondays 8:30-6:30, on Tuesday to Friday 8:00-5:00, and on Saturdays 8:00-1:00. The DMV office provides a range of services such as car registration application, licensing and driving tests, insurance information, commercial licensing, and driving handbooks. You can call on their official contact number and get an appointment for your visit.