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Columbia Department of Motor Vehicles , South Carolina

State:South Carolina - Department of Motor Vehicles - SCDMV
DMV Location: Richland County - SC
DMV Office Address: 1630 Shop Road, Columbia, SC 29202

DMV Phone Number: 803-737-8350

Q:While searching on Columbia DMV hours, I came across insurance requirements for a vehicle being sold. Can you tell me more about it?

A:All registered vehicles must remain insured in the state of South Carolina. If you are selling your vehicle you must surrender vehicle tag and registration a DMV office before you cancelling insurance. If the policy is cancelled before the vehicle is sold, you will have to pay $5.00 for each day the vehicle was uninsured.

Q:I am moving to SC, and I am planning to buy a car there. Will I have to get it registered myself at the dmv Columbia South Carolina office?

A:When purchasing a car in SC, make sure the seller is authorized and licensed. Once you finalize a deal, and complete the sale process, the seller will sign a title transfer form for you. You must submit this form along with other documents at the DMV office. The MDV office will verify all the information and register your car successfully.

Q:What is the role of the dmv Columbia office?

A:The DMV office Columbia works towards helping vehicle owners register their cars, acquire licenses, and promote road safety. All vehicle owners (private and commercial) must register with the office and have valid licenses. Other services offered here include driving record management, license renewal, and drivers tests. You can learn more on our pages.