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Dallas County Tax Office Information - DPS - Texas - Department of Public Safety

State:Texas - Department of Public Safety - DPS
DMV Location: Dallas County Tax Office Information - TX
DMV Office Address: 500 Elm Street, Dallas, TX 75313-9033
P.O. Box 139033
DMV Phone Number: 214-653-7811

Q:What is the TX DMV Dallas phone number and is the office even located in Dallas or in some other city?

A:The Dallas-based office of the Texas DMV is located on Records Bldg. 500 Elm Street. The phone number for this office is (214) 653-7811 and can be called on during business hours. There may be other DMV offices that might be closer to your location so call on this number to find out.

Q:What kinds of services can I avail during the Dallas DMV hours of operation?

A:The office of the Dallas DMV that is housed in the Dallas County's Tax Office offers a range of services. These include registration renewal, license plates and registration stickers, changing the address on your motor vehicle records, vehicle title transfers, temporary registration, issuing copies of registration receipts etc. Go through more links for further details.