Utah Division Of Motor Vehicles Office Locations

Q:Can you explain the fee structure that has been approved by UT DMV for safety inspections?

A:The Utah DMV has set maximum amounts chargeable for a safety inspection, according to the type of the vehicle. It is $15 for cars, trailers and buses, $7 for motorcycles, and $20 for four wheeled vehicles, vehicles with split axle and vehicles that require the front hub or rear axle to be disassembled or removed for inspection. This includes the certificate fee as well.

Q:How do I arrange for the release of an impounded vehicle from the DMV Utah?

A:You can visit your local DMV office to obtain the impound release for your vehicle. You will need to furnish the impound report. Alternatively, you can provide the report information on the Impounded Vehicle Service. Depending upon the reason of confiscation, you will have to meet other requirements. You will have to pay the appropriate fee. If the vehicle was impounded because of improper, revoked or expired registration, you will have to register the vehicle before you can obtain the release from the impound yard.

Q:What does the DMV UT require in case of a missing title by the previous owner of a vehicle that I am buying?

A:In many cases, it may seem that the title is missing or lost bit it may simply be in the possession of a bank or a credit union that is holding on to it as collateral against a loan. However, if the title is truly missing and was a Utah-based one, then the seller can fill out the Form TC-123, also titled as the "Application for Duplicate Utah Title." This applies for both a duplicate title as well as for its transfer.

Q:Can you give me some information on how to obtain a disabled parking placard from the Utah DMV?

A:Provided that you have a permanent or temporary disability, you can obtain a disabled parking placard from the DMV Utah. Fill out and sign a (Form TC-842) Disabled Person and Physician Disability Certification with the help of your doctor. The DMV will provide you two windshield placards if you have a temporary disability, free of cost. If you have a permanent disability, you will be given one windshield placard and one set of disabled license plates at a cost of $15.