Amery DMV - Amery WI DMV
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Amery - DMV - Wisconsin - Division of Motor Vehicles

State:Wisconsin - Division of Motor Vehicles - DMV
DMV Location: Amery Service Center - WI
DMV Office Address: 608 Harriman Avenue, Amery, WI 54001
Senior Citizens Center
DMV Phone Number: 608-266-2353

Q:As I was trying to look up the Amery dmv phone number, I found out that I need to get a permit first to apply for a license? Is that true?

A:Yes, without a permit, you cannot qualify for a drivers license. A permit will allow you to get behind the wheel for practice purposes. No matter what you live in, you will have to complete a minimum number of training hours. To find out more about learners permits and their application process, feel free to browse through our pages.