Michigan Car Registration

In order to legally drive on the Michigan roads, car owners must first register their vehicles. You have to register your car for the first time if you have relocated to Michigan from another state, purchased a car, received a car as a gift from someone or inherited it from a relative. A Michigan car registration will reveal information about the car make, model, year and license plate.

If a car is purchased from a dealership, the registration process and the required documentation is handled by your dealer who will collect the applicable fees and taxes. The dealership will then provide you with the copies of all documents. But if you are buying a car from an individual you will have to keep track of the process yourself.

Michigan car registration is handled by Secretary of State Offices. When registering your car, you must first have a valid title in your name. If you are buying a car you will be given fifteen days to title it in your name. In addition to this, you will be asked to furnish the proofs of Michigan no-fault insurance (out of state insurance policies are unacceptable) and satisfactory identification. It is not mandatory to pass an emissions test in Michigan for car registration so you should make sure that you take along only the required documents.

If your car has a model year of 1984 or later, the registration is valid for a period of twelve months and the fee will depend on the manufacturers’ suggested retail price. This means that the latest models will mandate a higher registration fee as compared with the earlier ones.  For model years earlier than 1984, the registration fee is based on the car’s weight. You will have to pay ten dollars in late fees if you miss the registration deadline. The registration must be renewed annually through mail, online or in person.

You can make the payments for registration fee and any associated taxes, in the form of cash, money orders or checks at any SOS office. You can also use certain credit or debit cards with an understanding that a two percent processing fee will be charged. The registration tabs are to be placed on the rear metal license plate’s upper right hand corner.

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