North Carolina Car Registration

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North Carolina Car Registration
It is mandatory that you register your vehicle with a government authority in any state. A registered car is a proof that the owner of the vehicle has fulfilled all the requirements which are not only considered binding by the law but also aid in the taxation process as well as establishing the ownership of the vehicle. Simply put, just as driving without a license is prohibited in the same manner a car should not be driven if it’s not registered. An unregistered vehicle is a violation of law and if found out the driver will be penalized and may be temporarily suspended from driving or in extreme cases revoke your driving license. Vehicle registration in the United States is managed by each state’s department of motor vehicle (DMV). A proof that the car has been registered with the department of the motor vehicle, the car owner is issued a registration plate sometimes known as the license plate.
To enjoy driving privileges in the state of North Carolina it is important to get your car insured. The secretary of the state requires that you have North Carolina Car registration for all vehicles that you own. There are many different circumstances where you will require to get yourself registered with the North Carolina Department of motor vehicles for instance if you have bought a new vehicle, after purchasing a used vehicle, after relocation to North Carolina, receiving a vehicle from a family member, receiving a vehicle as a gift or inheriting a vehicle. If you have recently moved to the state it is essential that you get your vehicle registered as soon as possible. North Carolina car registration has otherwise no limit as to till when can you get it registered, but you must title your vehicle within 15 days of purchase. It is also important to know that without insurance you cannot get your vehicle registered in North Carolina. No out of state insurance policies are deemed valid in the state.
The registration fee of your vehicle is calculated by the local DMV based on the type of vehicle you own.

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