North Carolina License Plates

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North Carolina License Plates
License plates are important as they hold a unique number that is made only for your vehicle. It is used for official purposes by the Motor vehicle Department. There are several different kinds of license plates available. Their variation depends on the designation you have or what service you serve. Also you can personalize and customize your own license plate subject to additional tax and registration fees annually. It depends on the state that you reside in as to what kinds of license plates are available for you.
North Carolina License Plates are of four types. To be able to get any, you need to provide documents for application and prove your identity. A license plate fees is charged when you register your vehicle. Along with it you get validation stickers to put on your plates that signify their expiry date.  The four types of North Carolina License Plates are; Vanity plates, specialised license plates, antique plates and handicap plates. The vanity plates are personalized plates that can be made according to your own will. This license plate will charge you another $30. The Division of Motor Vehicle of Georgia will not approve any offensive code or any code that has already been taken. Such a plate has to be pre ordered when registering. Specialized plates are available in various forms. They can often be personalized as well. You could get government plates, college license plates, litter prevention plates etc. Both these kinds of plates can be ordered online or by mail. The application form is available online. In North Carolina if you need antique plates, your vehicle must be at least 35 years old. The plate costs $38. Lastly, the Handicap Placards are for all individuals who suffer from some sort of disability. This license plate allows you to park your vehicle in designated places. For this the application and documentation is comprehensive. Medical reports stating your disability need to be provided stating whether it’s temporary or permanent.  
DMV provides you with all the information that you need regarding North Carolina License Plates.

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