Los Angeles Motorcycle Registration

The Simplicity of Motorcycle Registration in LA

If you are the owner of a vehicle, the DMV is bound to send you registration renewal documents on an annual basis. Now depending on your location and situation, it is up to you to renew registration in person, by mail or online. Your choice will have little or no effect on the paperwork requirements for renewing your vehicle registration. Once the registration fee is paid, registration stickers will be handed to you with the registration expiry date stated clearly on it.
But what if you have just bought a new or used motorcycle and need to it transferred into your name?

Here is how motorcycle registration in LA is done:
Depending on where you have bought the motorcycle from, a dealership or a private party, there would be a different way of registering the bike. It is the dealer’s responsibility to complete the DMV paperwork for transfer of title and registering the motorcycle to you.

If you bought it from a private seller, then its up to you to handle the transfer of title and registration on your own. You will be required to fill out the Application for Title and Registration and submit it at your local DMV office.  In certain situations you may be asked to pay a use tax and provide additional documentation if the bike is custom made.
Remember that if you have recently moved to this state, you must register your bike within 20 days of establishing residency. You will be made to pay a penalty if you don’t.  

Before you reach the DMV office to start this process, make sure you have:

  • Your VIN’s  last 5 digits,
  • You have filed your latest Smog certification with the DMV
  • A renewal notice for your new address.

If you want to save time and energy of going to the DMV office and getting into all this hassle in person, remember that doing this online is much easier and is done free of charge.  
For online motorcycle registration in LA:

  1. Enter its basic information.
  2. Confirm record information and simply enter payment option.
  3. Go through and accept the E-Checking payment terms.
  4. Receive confirmation of transaction.

Yes it is as simple as that!

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Q:I want to register motorcycle in Los Angeles. Can you tell me about the steps?

A:There are many DMV branches in Los Angeles that offer services such as registration. You can visit any local DMV office near you to get your motorcycle registered. There are a few documents that you will have to provide such as registration form, title transfer, odometer certificate, and sales receipt.

Q:Which is the best Los Angeles dmv to register motorcycle at?

A:All DMV offices in Los Angeles provide the same services. The level of quality in all DMV branches is uniform and standardized. You can register your motorcycle at any local DMV office. More information about registering motorcycles in this city can be found on our pages, feel free to browse further.