Los Angeles Driving Under Influence

Every day, a considerable number of cases concerning individuals driving under the influence (DUI) are reported to state authorities in Los Angeles. Driving under the influence is a term used in law regarding drivers who have consumed alcohol or any drug on an anomalous level and are driving on the road. It is considered, by law, as one of the most intolerable crimes since such a driver not only puts himself but also others on the road in danger. All the states have their own rules concerning this offense and it usually falls under the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) jurisdiction to cater to such a problem. DMV is known as the provider of all vehicle related information to the public ranging from issuing licenses, registrations and enforcing penalties for traffic law breakers.

Driving under the influence in Los Angeles comes with serious penalties as prescribed by the California DMV. If a traffic control officer catches any person in Los Angeles DUI, he is required by the law to immediately send a copy of the completed notice of suspension or form of revocation to the DMV. This document is sent after a driver tests positive to a chemical test he/she is asked to take to test the amount of alcohol they have consumed. If the driver doesn’t respond amiably on taking the test, another report is lodged against him/her. The officer is also made authoritative by law to confiscate the driving license and not to return it until the end of suspension. The DMV conducts a comprehensive administrative review of the officer’s report and test results.

The local DMV not only discourages people from driving DUI, but also takes care of post-event procedures like handling legalities and other logistical issues. It also gives details of the penalties that one might have to suffer in case of driving under the influence in Los Angeles. The DMV not only levies punishments for such offences, but its first priority is to stop such incidents from happening at all.

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