Los Angeles Traffic Laws

Traffic laws promote traffic safety to prevent any unfortunate event such as an accident or collision causing damage to life and property. In Los Angeles, traffic laws are outlined in the California Driver Handbook which is readily available with the DMV. California traffic laws emphasize and focus on the safety of all drivers, pedestrians, motorcycle riders and bicycle riders.

Some of the laws are similar for all states, such as the law requiring all motorcyclists to wear approved helmets while on the road. It is also mandatory for all the passengers including the driver to wear a seatbelt to prevent fatal injuries in case of a collision. In addition to this, driving under influence is considered as a serious offense which may lead to suspension of your driving license.

Pedestrian safety holds overwhelming importance in the laws regarding traffic, as a large number of people tend to walk to and from work. This category also includes people on skateboards and wheelchairs. Approximately 19% of traffic fatalities include pedestrian injuries or deaths. Thereby, it is mandatory for all drivers to speed down and drive carefully when a pedestrian signboard appears. This is just an example to show that the local DMV takes a lot of care in addressing almost all the issues that the public might face on the streets of Los Angeles.

Traffic laws in Los Angeles also pertain to driving at intersections and roundabouts. Driving at intersections is always considered complex by drivers, and the local traffic laws at Los Angeles prescribe special caution in such situations. There are useful online resources for people so that they can find out everything about the state laws while sitting at home. It has made the awareness of traffic laws convenient and easy for the masses. The DMV has divided rules into categories and sub-categories, just to make it more user-friendly for the people to access the rules online. Online DMV has it all sorted out for convenience.  It is always a wise idea to get acquainted with the traffic laws before hitting the streets of Los Angeles.

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Q:My search on traffic regulations, Los Angeles led to the mention of SR-22 financial responsibility insurance. Can you explain when this is required?

A:This type of insurance is mandatory for individuals who are deemed to be at a higher security risk by the state of California. It is required for drivers with a restricted or revoked license. Those convicted of DUI also have to purchase this insurance. Similarly those who have safety responsibility suspensions or unsatisfied judgment suspensions need to file for an SR-22 form.

Q:What can you tell me about being charged with a misdemeanor under the basic traffic laws for Los Angeles?

A:Serious traffic violations are classified as misdemeanors in the state of California. These violations lead to the addition of more points on your driving record as compared with traffic infractions. Examples of misdemeanors include drag racing, reckless driving, driving without a license and drunk driving. Misdemeanors can be fined as much as $3520 or more and can also lead to imprisonment.