Buying Used Car in Georgia

Before buying a used car in Georgia, you must examine the vehicle thoroughly for any defects whatsoever. Private sellers and dealers in used cars sometimes refurbish old cars to make them look superficially perfect, but conceal critical flaws that only become apparent once you have made the purchase. Such cars are called ‘lemons’.

A good way to verify the age of the car and the information the seller is telling you is to order a vehicle history report. This can be obtained from your local DMV upon providing the vehicle’s registration number. This is an extremely important document. Not only does it contain information regarding the vehicle’s current ownership and title, it also gives you a complete background of the car’s previous owners and the states the vehicle has been used in. In addition to this, the history report contains the Vehicle Identification Number, which tells you about the make and model of the car. Using this identification number, you can determine the true age of the car and assess the quality of your purchase. The history report will also tell you if the vehicle you want to buy was ever involved in criminal activity or used in public transport as a rental or a cab. Knowing all of these facts can also help you negotiate the price of the vehicle as well.

If you are buying a used car in Georgia from a dealer, they are responsible for collecting the sales tax on the car and will also handle the paperwork pertaining to a transfer of ownership and titling of the car, ensuring that both are updated to reflect your ownership. If you purchase a car from a private dealer, you will have to complete this process yourself. You will also need a Bill of Sale in order to apply for a title and registration with the state of Georgia. The Bill of Sale contains all the relevant information proving your purchase is legal, and is mandatory if you want to update the ownership on your car. This form can easily be obtained online from your local DMV’s website.

Should I be careful if I plan to buy a car online Georgia?

Buying a car is a huge investment. Now it is even possible to buy a car online through a number of shopping sites. However, buying a car online can be risky. You need to first of all make sure the site is credible and certified. The next step would be acquire documents such as an odometer reading and a vehicle history report. Before finalizing the purchase, always check out the vehicle for mechanical and technical issues.

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