Georgia Motorcycle Registration

Motorcycles need to be registered before you can legally ride them in Georgia. The procedure to be followed for motorcycle registration in Georgia is straightforward and can be completed conveniently.
The registration period will depend on the county in which you register your motorcycle. Most counties have year round registration periods. You can register or renew the registration during the thirty day period before your birthday. The midnight of that day is set as a deadline. Some counties follow a four month registration period in which you can renew your registration between 1st of January to 30th of April every year. The Talbot County follows a system that assigns the relevant period according to the months in which your birthday falls. If it falls in the first three months of the year, you have to register in January. For the next three months, you have to register in February and so on. If you fail to have your bike registered in the designated registration periods, you will be required to pay an additional ten dollar fee.

Having determined the relevant registration period, you can move on to the next step of compiling the necessary documents. Make sure that you have purchased an insurance policy that covers your financial responsibility requirements. If you are opting for self insurance, bring along the valid certificates. Fill out the Tag/Title Application Form and take that along with you to the Tax Commissioner’s Tag Office. You will need the usual identification card or a Georgia driver’s license, proof of Georgia Residency and a proof of ownership of the motorcycle. The latter can be in the form of a valid title, your registration papers or a manufacturer’s certificate of origin. You can obtain the Certificate of Inspection from a tag agent or a law enforcement officer. You may also be asked for the verification of the Vehicle Identification Number.

In order to complete your application process, you must submit the relevant fee as well along with the mandatory paperwork. This will comprise of an annual registration fee of twenty dollars, an ad valorem tax, eighteen dollars in title fee and sales tax. Your local Tax Commissioner’s Tag Office will accept payments in the form of check, money order or cash.

How to register motorcycle in Georgia online?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to register your vehicle online in Georgia. You can only renew your registration online. You will have to visit the local DMV office, fill out the necessary forms and pay a registration fee. To find out more about registration in this state, browse through our pages.

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