New York Vehicle Title Transfer

A title certificate of a vehicle is a proof of its ownership. In New York, vehicle title transfer means a change in the ownership of a vehicle, such as a car. This change of ownership may be because of a sale or because the car has been gifted to someone, such as in the case of inheritance. Whatever the case may be, the state has registration related laws which must be followed in order to avoid penalties. It is necessary that the seller follows the following requirements in order to legally transfer his/her car’s title:

  • Provide a proof of ownership to the new owner – The seller must complete the odometer and damage disclosure statements on the back of the title certificate. The title certificate must be completed carefully otherwise a DMV office may not accept the document from the new owner.
  • Provide the new owner with Form DTF-802 – This form is the Statement of Transaction for Sales Tax which serves as proof of purchase price or gift. The seller must complete the affidavit page (page two) and the buyer must complete the first page and then submit it to a DMV office. The DMV office collects sales tax from the new owner in case of a sale. In case of a gift, he/she may be exempted from paying sales tax.
  • Lien document – If a lien is listed on the car’s title certificate, the original document from the lienholder must be given to the new owner establishing that the lien was satisfied. The original document is necessary since a DMV office will only accept the original document for registration purposes. The seller, if he/she chooses to, can retain a copy of the lien document.

Once the vehicle or car has been sold, the previous owner/seller must remove the plates, inspection sticker and windshield registration sticker from it. The plates can be surrendered at any DMV office or transferred to another vehicle or car owned by the same person. In any case, the seller must not keep the plates or allow the new owner to use the existing stickers and plates. If a seller is found guilty of doing this, he/she may be penalized and his/her driving license may be suspended.

Is New York DMV submit online proof change of ownership possible or not?

No, whenever a change of ownership takes place in New York, acceptable proofs of ownership are in the form of either the Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin (MCO), a MV-50 (Dealer’s Bill of Sale) or the Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin (MSO). These have to be shown in physical form to the DMV and so cannot be submitted online.

While searching for information on NY dmv owner retain car processes, I came across the requirements for legally transferring a car. Can you tell me what these requirements are?

There are a few requirements for transferring a car, these may vary slightly from state to state. In New York, car sellers must first complete a odometer and disclosure form along with a title transfer certificate. This form must be submitted to the DMV office in NY within 10 days of selling or transferring a vehicle. Other requirements may include identity poof, car insurance certificate, and residency information.

Can you name a few important forms I have to fill out for vehicle transfer of ownership NY?

When transferring a vehicle in NY, you will have to go through some important paperwork and fill out a few forms. You will have to fill out a title transfer form which is available at the local DMV office. You will also have to submit a sales tax form and a lien document. More information can be found on our website.

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