Find a Traffic School For A Traffic Ticket

I had a traffic ticket and have to go to traffic school. What should I expect and how do I find a traffic school?

Traffic school is a class where you learn about traffic laws after getting a traffic ticket. You can find a traffic school online or through the traffic courts.

Traffic school, cue the menacing music. This is something everyone wants to avoid, if they can help it. It’s not fun. It’s not exciting and it certainly is something you wish you could skip over completely. But the truth is that if you want your license back and you don’t want those points to screw up your insurance premium, you need to go. Thankfully, California allows you to take classes online, but other schools may not be as convenient. Here’s what you need to know.

What Should I Expect at Traffic School?

California traffic schools require that you attend classes for an eight hour period. This might be over the course of one day, or they can be spread out over a few weeks. It might be better just to get it over on one day. That way, you can be done with it. During this class, you will listen to boring lectures, watch some videos, read some handouts, and then take a test at the end to make sure you didn’t sleep the whole time. This class is long, boring, and certainly filled with information you should be listening to – even though you probably will forget it the second you walk out the door.

Traffic school costs money – about $35 on average, though online courses can be as cheap as $13. And you also need to pay administrative costs to process the traffic school course on your record.

How Do I Find a Traffic School?

You can find traffic schools that are approved by your state’s DMV on their state DMV website or you can call the DMV office to get more information. You might also find that you can search for online courses online (duh), but make sure they are approved by your state’s DMV or else you might have just wasted eight hours and some money

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