Smog Testing and Smog Check

Getting a smog check is easy when you know how to get a smog check in your area. With many smog check stations, you may just have to drive your car into a shop to complete the emissions check.

Look, just because you know what a smog check is doesn’t mean you can do it on your own, okay? Put that hose away. Put it away. In the state of California, and in other states too, you have to get a smog check regularly in order to keep your car from emitting dangerous fumes into the air. But how do you do this? You do to a professional and not to your friend who ‘swears’ that he’s done this before. And that it won’t hurt.

This is How to Get a Smog Check

When you are ready to renew your car registration, you will see on the form you receive in the mail whether or not it’s time to get a smog check. Yes, the government is happy to remind you when to spend more money. Once you see this, it’s time to get thee to the Smog Test station the form indicates. In most cases, it will tell you to go to a Test Only station as these tend to be everywhere, easy to access. You will go to this station with the form from the DMV and they will test your car. If you actually care about getting back to work, make an appointment first.

If loud noises and your car up on a ramp scare you, look away. This is not a pretty test. But it takes about a half an hour and then it’s done. You will pay around $50 for this service and then the station will let the DMV know if you passed or not. If you do not pass, you will be referred to a station that can fix your problem and you will get a little discount on the services your car needs in order to pass.

You need to pass this test too when you want to have a valid registration in California. So, while you might want to skip it, it’s not worth it. After all, you live in California and you’re supposed to care about the air. Of course, it’s harder to care about the air when you have to plunk down an addition $50 or so along with your registration fees to do so.

Where to get dmv form for smog check?

First of all it is important to check what the smog requirements are in your state. After this has been confirmed, you can take your car to a certified mechanic and ask for a smog check. The mechanic will do a smog test for you and will sign the results. This report can then be submitted to the DMV office.

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