Drivers Education in San Francisco

Kids definitely enjoy reaching the age of 16 for a number of reasons while it may be the start of sleepless nights for their parents. Setting the right kind of stage for acquiring driver’s education is extremely important. Most high schools in San Francisco have a Driver’s Ed program in place, as well as driver training sessions in order to prepare students.


Basics of Driver’s Education in San Francisco


There are certain requirements that need to be met by any typical driver’s educational program.

  • Firstly, a minimum of 25 hours of instruction in a classroom setting needs to be delivered, with a maximum of 7 hours on a daily basis. These 25 hours do not include personal breaks or meal breaks as they would not be counted toward the requirement.
  • Secondly, you also have the option of studying from home or taking a training program over the internet. However, in these cases, it is not someone else that is setting the pace, so you have to be careful about disciplining yourself and ensuring that your study is meeting all the standards which is equivalent to conventional classroom education.


CA DMV’s Curriculum for Driver’s Ed

The state of California’s Department of Motor Vehicles has compiled a curriculum that is quite comprehensive. It has been designed so as to address almost any question that might arise regarding driving on roads and highways, as well as regarding the prevention of accidents and traffic violations. Some of the areas covered are:


1.       Responsible driving

2.       Physical and psychological issues

3.       Natural forces and how they affect your vehicle, such as mechanical stress, drag and impact.

4.       Interpreting road signs and other symbols

5.       The connection of alcohol as well as drugs with operating a vehicle

6.       Taking care of other drivers on the road

7.       Registration, titling and other related systems


Furthermore, driving schools also employ audiovisual aids in their instructional programs, such as video clips and even movies. The CA DMV even has policies concerning these tools, in the sense that they should have a total viewing time of at least a hundred minutes. Additionally, there are some videos that may contain accidents that have been captured in graphic detail, so you may want to contact the respective school to find out the nature of the videos they will screen.    

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