Selling Motorcycle

Being one of the largest countries in the world, the United States has developed an economy that caters to the needs of millions. The nation has established massive metropolitan areas that provide all kinds services and products to consumers. Transportation plays a vital role in keeping a society stable and mobile. We cannot imagine our lives without the use of vehicles and free mobility across states. Of course, transportation has become a crucial need in our day to day lives. From motorcycles to cars and from trucks to buses, highways and roads are flooded with all kinds of vehicles.

At some point in our lives, we buy or sell vehicles for various purposes. The number of registered cars and motorcycles has increased tremendously in recent years. This has increased the need for a more strict authorities, traffic rules, and regulations. The government of the United States has developed various departments for motor vehicles that manage vehicle matters in each state. It is not possible for a single regulated body to control vehicle related issues in all states. By decentralizing this authority, and providing state bodies with more regulative power, motor vehicle issues are resolved and managed more conveniently and speedily.

Most motorcycles in the US are used for recreational purposes and are considered a luxury.  However more and more people are now buying motorcycles to participate in what is considered an exciting sport. There are many businesses that deal with the selling and purchasing of motorcycles. Each state has its own set of rules that govern the registration and selling of motorcycles. These rules may vary slightly from state to state. The department of motor vehicles in each state overlooks motorcycle dealings and approves each sale or purchase.

If you are planning on selling a motorcycle, you need to know that rules are likely to vary from state to state. However whether you are a resident of Ohio, Nebraska, or California, no matter what your location is, you can find information about selling a motorcycle at the state’s department of motor vehicles. Without following the rules and legal procedure, you cannot successfully and legally sell a motorcycle.

If you are selling used motorcycle or a new motorcycle, you will have to undergo some paperwork. First of all it is important that the buyer is satisfied with the condition of the motorcycle. Being a seller, it is your responsibility to provide accurate and reliable information about the vehicle and quality. You must disclose any information regarding technical problems (if any). Once a verbal agreement has been reached, you can begin the paper work by first filling out a title transfer form and produce a bill of sale. These forms are available at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).  In almost all of the states you are required to inform  the DMV about your sale.

The title transfer form will reflect the transition of ownership from seller to buyer. Information about the sale is usually recorded at the back of a title transfer form. It is recommended that you complete such paper at the DMV office to avoid any kind of written mistake. If you have not completed the paperwork at the DMV office, you will have to report the sale within a certain number of days of the title transfer. Upon receiving the title form and relevant information, the department of motor vehicles will approve the sale and release you from any future liability of the vehicle. After receiving the receiving the Notice of Transfer and Release of Liability certificate, you will no longer be liable for the vehicle. The form must be submitted to the DMV within a specified due date.

The bill of sale will represent the transfer of money from buyer to seller. Apart from these forms, you must also provide information about the vehicle insurance, proof of residency, and driver’s license. The Department of Motor vehicles charges a certain fee which for title transfer forms and other certificates. The amount of fee charged varies from state to state but usually falls within the range of $10 to $20. Motorcycles are subject to the exact same registration procedures for cars and other vehicles.

The DMV also makes sure that all safety standards have been met by the buyer and seller. Each vehicle is inspected before being approved for use. Whether you are a motorcycle sale specialist or a simple owner wanting to sell his motorbike, you need to have a thorough understanding or regulations established for motor bikes. The DMV provides registration forms online as well as other information related to selling a motorcycle.

What are the general legal requirements selling motorcycle?

Legal requirements will vary by states. Generally you will need to provide the buyer with a valid title. In addition to this you will have to fill out the title transfer form and sign it. A bill of sale, mentioning the sale price is also needed. Some states also mandate the sellers to fill out and submit a Notice of Transfer and Release of Liability form to the DMV.

What is the purpose of the liability release for selling motorcycle?

When you sell your motorcycle the state Department of Motor Vehicle must be informed of the change of ownership. In most states, you can do so by submitting a form for release of liability and turning in your vehicle plates. In this way you can ensure that the state records have been updated and you will not be penalized for the offenses committed by the new owner.

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