Driving Record

How can you access your driving record?

If you have a driving license in the US, then you also have a driving record. The DMV keeps a copy of your record, and it offers an accurate insight into your driving history, skills and other relevant information. It’s important to get a copy of your driving record, since this might be required by employers for example.

 What types of driving records are there?

The most important one is the full driving record. This one has a complete driving history, and it allows access to everything related to driver history. It’s the best option for an employer that wants to see your driving history. However, if you need a driving record for personal use, then you can order a 3 or 7-year driving record. You can also find uncertified and certified reports, with the uncertified ones being good for checking the record accuracy. Certified reports are relevant for official situations.

What can you learn from the driving record?

You will find a lot of information regarding things like previous traffic violations, administrative actions taken against your license, any license restrictions, the number of demerit points, license endorsements, and the current license status. That being said, the driving record won’t include the VIN or any other vehicle information. It also won’t include things like non-driving criminal charges.

How can you access your driving record?

This differs from one state to the other. Normally, you can go to the local DMV office, and then you can file for an application there. It’s also possible to perform a driving record request via email. Ordering the driving record online is simple, convenient and it helps remove most of the unwanted hassle naturally. It’s possible to complete the driving record order in just a few minutes from home, provided that you share all the relevant information.

Aside from that, you can also get a copy of your driving record via auto insurance agents or online third party vendors. While getting it directly from the DMV is the preferred option, it can take a lot of time, so using third parties or insurance agents might come in handy.

Is it possible to keep a clean driving record?

Yes, it’s imperative to avoid things like getting demerit points or driving tickets. Cleaning your record means you must start driving safely and prevent any violations. Enroll in traffic school, since this can help remove most of the demerit points and lower the insurance premiums. You may also want to study your current driving history to see if there are any issues you can remove, so you can stay on track and prevent problems. 

Why do you need a good driving record?

The main advantage is that you have a much higher chance of getting hired by any business that needs good drivers. On top of that, auto insurance companies will lower the insurance rates, since you’re not seen as a liability. The attorneys can use your driving record for any legal case as well. A clean driving record will prevent any license limitations or suspensions. It’s essential to get a copy of your driving record and monitor any issues. At the end of the day, no one likes to have a bad driving record, so getting a copy and addressing any problems is extremely helpful!

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