Change Address on License

Driver’s license is not only a document that enables one to drive but is considered an important piece of identification.  A state’s department of motor vehicles (DMV) issues a driver’s license after verifying both the age and proof of residence of a driver.  It is for this reason that very often a driver’s license is also used for other purposes such as voter registration etc.  Since there is no centralized identity card in the US, it is open to residents in most states to opt for a non-driver’s photo ID card as proof of identification and residence.

It is the responsibility of each license holder to update his or her information, especially a change of address on the driver’s license, within a specified period of time.  In Nevada for example this period is 30 days. If a resident of the state is moving to another state, he or she is also required to notify the DMV in the state of their intention to move. In New York, this period is 10 days.  Many state DMVs, though not all, have the facility of a change of address by phone or online.  You may have to create an online account with the most relevant DMV in your case. This can also be done via mail. In New York this entails filling out the requisite paper work in hard copy. The relevant form in New York for example is MV 232. In Nevada, where the online and the telephone options do not exist, it is usually application form DMV-022 that is filled out and either mailed or faxed to the DMV. In Nevada there is also the option of reporting a change of address in person.  Generally most DMVs do not accept a change of address via email because of security and privacy issues.

In New York there is also the option of getting a DMV change of address through telephone.  To do this you have to call the NYS DMV’s call center. You must have a valid photo ID with you when calling the call center because first thing you would have to do is to prove your identity to the DMV call center representative. Here it must be remembered that an artificial legal entity such as a corporation cannot process a change of address for their vehicle registrations by phone. They would have to take the mail route or the online route.  For obvious reasons, such an entity will not have a driver’s license and consequently the question does not arise.

Reporting a change of address does not require a particular fee. It is only when you apply for fresh documents that you have to pay.  In Nevada the cost of a new photo ID or driver’s license is $ 3 and it usually arrives within 10 business days.  In New York the following are the fees for various documents that you order via mail. Remember these fees below are subject to $5 mailing charge as well: $17.50 is the fee for a new driver license or a learner’s permit plus $5 mailing charge which is a total of $22.50. $8 is the charge for a non-driver photo ID card which comes to a total $13. A 10 year non-driver’s photo ID card costs $6.50 and a total of $11.50. Generally no fee is required for a renewal of a 10 year non-driver’s photo ID if the person applying for the card is 62 years of age or more. Registration fee for change of address, in New York, on motor vehicle registrations costs $3 dollars plus the mailing charge, which comes to $8.

To find out more about how to report a change of address for your driver’s license, visit your state’s DMV or the equivalent department regulating motor vehicles.

How must I go about the process of online change of address DMV in California?
You will need to have the Renewal Identification Number mentioned on the renewal notice, California driver’s license or California identification card. You must also be a certified user of the DMV to utilize this service. You can fill out the form for the online change of address. You can utilize the online system to change your address if you meet certain conditions. You must have a social security card. Holders of CDL cannot use this system.
What information or detail can you give me about DMV change of address in California?
If you change your address, you must notify the California DMV within ten days. It can be changed free of cost. You can do so in person at a local DMV office by filling out a Notice of Change of Address form. You can also mail to the DMV. Change of address is also possible online, provided that you fulfill certain requirements. Your address will be updated on driver licenses, vehicle registration certificates and identification cards.
Is it possible for an online change of address on driving license?
This really depends on which state you are in. Every state’s department of motor vehicles has its own procedures and requirements. You can go online and find out whether such online services are available in your state of not. Usually individuals need to verify their identity, residency, and fill out a few forms.

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