Drivers Handbook

The United States has one of the highest numbers of cars per 1,000 people in the world. There are millions of automobiles in the country which are on the roads at one given time. In order to make driving a safe experience for all, states have enacted laws regulating traffic and other automobile related matters like issuance of licenses, vehicle registration, etc. These laws regulate various aspects of driving with one primary purpose; making driving as safe as possible for the drivers, passengers and pedestrians. That if these laws are not enforced driving would become a nightmare is an understatement; United States has the highest number of vehicle accidents in the world.

In addition to making traffic and driving related laws, states also publish materials on safe driving and other traffic related matters, both in print and online, for general public’s use. These materials may be in the form of brochures, pamphlets and driving handbooks. Available both online in portable document formats (PDF) and in print from the local DMV offices, these handbooks may also be known as driver’s manuals in some states. It would not be wrong to label these instructional books as the Bible of traffic and driving rules. The books contain, in detail information on all the aspects of driving and traffic rules. They are also highly recommended for those applying to get their driver’s license for the first time.

DMV Driving Handbook for California

In California, the Driver Handbook is published by the State of California Department of Motor Vehicles and is available online as well as in print. In addition to English, it is available in multiple languages like Spanish, Korean, Chinese, etc. The book contains in detail and updated information on rules of the road, driver safety, actions to take in an emergency, preparation for the driver test, etc. The Department has further made good use of social media and has its own YouTube Channel with instructional videos on safe driving tips, videos on commercial vehicles, study tips on passing the driver test, etc. In addition, the Driver Handbook has in detail and updated sections on information regarding registration of vehicles, purchasing specialty license plates and renewing a driver license.


DMV Driving Handbook for Connecticut

In the state of Connecticut, the Department of Motor Vehicles publishes various instructional and informational materials like Motorcycle Operator’s Manual, Hazardous Materials Manual, Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Manual, Driver’s Manual and others. In addition to English, the Driver’s Manual is available in Spanish language as well. Its audio version is available too. Those who intend to download the manual online, need to have Adobe Acrobat which can be downloaded for free.

The main purpose of the manual like Driving Handbook is to make driving a safe and a pleasant experience for all. The manual contains safe driving tips for both the experienced and new drivers. The manual is divided into chapters covering topics like:

  • How to obtain a driver’s license
  • Vehicle information
  • Driving behaviors
  • Road safety
  • Know the road
  • How to renew, replace or update a driver’s license
  • Driving requirements for new residents of Connecticut

DMV Driving Handbook for Oregon

The Driver and Motor Vehicle Services publish the Oregon Driver Manual. The state’s government encourages online viewing of the manual since it saves resources. The manual serves the following purposes:

  • To help refresh the knowledge of Oregon’s traffic  laws
  • To help those who or their kids are applying for a vehicle license for the first time
  • To help those who are seeking to reinstate their driving privileges
  • To help out-of-state people or new residents of the state of Oregon with license and registration

The above mentioned examples clearly illustrate the usefulness of driving manuals or driving handbooks. They are both for the new and the old drivers. They must be consulted periodically as laws keep changing. For safe driving, consult your state’s driving manual.

What is a commercial driver exam book?
Commercial drivers throughout the United States must clear a test in order to legally acquire a license. Regular driving tests and commercial driver tests vary in many ways. Commercial driver exam book is designed to help commercial drivers prepare for this test. The book contains various practice test questions and detail about traffic rules.

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