Driving Permit

The Department of Motor vehicles (DMV) caters to issues of driver’s permits and licensing. That is the very first thing one should work on before hitting the road. Although it is common knowledge that driving on the streets without a valid permit is a crime. But even then many people tend to take this as a light issue. The importance of driver permits dawns on such people when they get into an accident on road without carrying a permit. In that case, the liability of all damages comes on the driver who is without a permit, even if it is not his or her fault. The driving permit is in fact a license showing that a person is approved by state authorities to drive vehicles on the road.

Obtaining a driving permit is a multi-step process. DMV guides you through all these steps. Though all the states have their own policies in issuing a permit, but it is especially required for first-time drivers and for teenagers. Reason being simple, that both these categories of drivers have a high chance of running into accidents because of lack of experience.

To obtain a driving permit, all documents must be present with the applicant, which confirm his or her identification. The DMV online service can be utilized to make payments and register for appointments. These appointments are made so that the authorities at the Department of Motor Vehicles can test the applicant on various fronts and also take a written test. Different types of tests are taken by the DMV which includes vision test, laws test, alcohol test, procedures test and signs test. All tests apart from the visions test are grouped under a category called “knowledge tests”. In case one fails in the knowledge tests, the applicant has to wait for a set period of time before he or she can retake the test. Usually this period is for seven days. These tests may vary from state to state but they give a good measure of the applicant’s capability. Apart from this theoretical testing, a practical driving test is also taken to gauge the driving skills of the applicant. This is carried out all over the country in all the states. Once these requirements are fulfilled, the driving permit is issued to the applicant, after which he or she can legally drive on the streets. This entire process is summed up by the DMV to provide assistance to people.

In order to get a driving permit, the first rule is to complete all your documents. These include a long list; US birth certificate (if applicable), certificate of citizenship, US passport or passport card, social security card, state residency form, US visa and stamp on foreign passport (for non-US residents), and name change documents (if applicable). A complete list of the required documents is given at DMV online for the assistance of people. Not only that, some practice tests are also available for those interested in having a look at them before they formally go to the DMV site to give the test. This boosts confidence in the people and results in better performance. Apart from the tests mentioned before, other tests might also be conducted like a test on intersection and turns, parallel parking, defensive driving, traffic crash and special driving conditions.

Driving permits are of different types. Apart from the regular permits, there are special driving permits for children who are not yet majors. They are issued a learning license for a short span of time. This permit is also issued after stringent testing and examination of the candidate. All the states follow more or less the same procedure of application and testing to issue a driving permit. However some requirements might differ.


What can you tell me about dmv driving without permit in any state?
A permit is basically similar to a license, but has a few restrictions. These are given to learners and drivers below the age of 18. A permit is the first step towards getting a proper license. Individuals with permits must make sure they carry it with them at all times when driving. Learn more about the penalties for driving without a permit by browsing through our pages.

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