Motorcycle Registration

DMV motorcycle registration
In the United States automobile and motorcycle registration laws may differ from state to state. Some states may have the same set of rules and regulations for automobile and motorcycle registration. The state of California is a good example of such registration.

California is the largest state in the United States. Being the state with the largest population, it has millions of automobiles on its roads. According to one set of statistics, there were over 800,000 motorcycles in California in 2011. Although some of the traffic laws applicable on the motorcycle drivers are the same for car drivers, to make motorcycle ride as safe as possible, the state of California has enacted some motorcycle specific laws as well.

California motorcycle registration
Motorcycle registration requirements in the state of California are the same as car registration. Irrespective of whether a motorcycle has never been registered before or an out-of-state registered motorcycle, the motorcycle owner will need to have the following set of documents on him/her to get his/her motorcycle registered in the state:

  • Proof of ownership which is to be established by either the title or the name and address of the lien holder, and
  • Insurance

Motorcycles are exempted from smog test in California.

How to register a motorcycle?
If a motorcyclist buys a new or used motorcycle from a licensed dealer, it is the dealer who collects fees and use tax to register and title the motorcycle. The dealer submits the required documents to the DMV and gives the motorcyclist a temporary operating authority. The owner will get the certificate of title, stickers, license plates and registration card after six to eight weeks of purchase date. In case of sale or transfer of ownership, the motorcyclist needs to notify the DMV within 5 days.

If a motorcyclist purchases his/her motorcycle from a private party then he/she needs to have transfer of ownership done within 10 days with required documents like the DMV fees, endorsed and completed certificate of title or application for duplicate title, etc.

Miniature motorcycles cannot be legally operated and registered in the state since they do not conform to Federal Safety Standards. Motorized scooter registration is not required. Riders must wear a helmet, have a valid driver license and be at least 16 years of age.

Connecticut motorcycle registration
In the state of Connecticut, motorcycles must be registered. The definition of a motorcycle is of a vehicle with two or three wheels that produces more than 5 brake horsepower with a driver’s seat which is not enclosed. At the time of registration, the owner may be asked to establish his/her motorcycle’s horsepower, especially when registration documents do not show the motorcycle’s engine power. For the sake of registration, the motorcycle will be inspected:

  • If the motorcycle was never previously registered in Connecticut
  • If the manufacturer of the motorcycle was not legally permitted to manufacture motorcycles in Connecticut, and
  • If the seller of the motorcycle was not a licensed dealer in Connecticut

In addition to the abovementioned inspection, a motorcyclist must also get an M endorsement on his/her driver’s license in order to ride his/her motorcycle legally in the state.

Oregon motorcycle registration
In the state of Oregon, motorcycles must be registered as well to be legally driven. The owner of a motorcycle must comply with the following rules of registration:

  • Pay all applicable fees
  • Submit Application for Title and Registration (Form 735-226) to DMV
  • Proof of Compliance must be obtained in case if the motorcycle is brand new, not manufactured by a major manufacturer recognized by DMV or foreign made, and
  • If required, get a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) inspection

Since there is no one law regarding registration of motorcycles in the United States, therefore relevant websites of DMV’s and other governmental agencies must be checked for state-wise DMV motorcycle registration laws.

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What information can you give me about Illinois United States motorcycle registration?
The dealership handles the title and registration of new motorcycles. If you are buying a used one then you will have to submit the Application for Title and Registration that is available form Secretary of State Office. You will also have to submit a proof of ownership (title from the previous owner that has been signed over to you). Fill out the odometer disclosure statement on the back of this title. Send this application along with the relevant fees and sales tax to the SOS office.
Can you tell me a little about online motorcycle registration?
You cannot register your motorcycle online, you can only renew registration online. If you are registering a vehicle after purchase, you must visit the local DMV office for registration purposes. You may have to submit a number of documents such as odometer certificate, sales receipt etc. Find out more about the process here.
What information and detail can you give me on how to register brand new motorcycle online dmv?
Individuals who have bought a brand new motorcycle must get it registered with the DMV office within 10 days of purchase. Certain documents are required for the registration process. In some cases, the seller of the motorcycle will handle paperwork and registration. More information about motorcycle registration can be found on our pages.

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