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The US ranks very high amongst those countries with the highest number of motor vehicles per 1,000 people. With millions of cars on roads, it is absolutely necessary that the flow of such large volume of traffic is made as safe, smooth and orderly as possible. For this purpose, states have made their own laws regarding traffic rules, inclusive of motor vehicle license issuance. In the US there is no federal authority regarding traffic rules and that each person must contact his/her nearest DMV office or check its website to learn more on motor vehicle license issuance in his/her state.


Knowing how to drive is not enough to be on the roads, to make it legal a license is required. A person who is behind the wheels must be aware of all the traffic and road rules and must follow the safe driving guidelines so that no life is endangered. Without this knowledge you may not be allowed on the road and that is why getting a motor vehicle license becomes mandatory.

After learning how to drive, the beginners want to get their motor vehicle license as quickly as possible. The process of getting license is not as complicated as some may think it is. It is best to have complete knowledge of the process and the requirements for acquiring a license in order to have it made without encountering any problems. As mentioned earlier, different rules can apply in different states.

To get a license in Illinois one needs to get in touch with Illinois Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Any DMV office in Illinois has the authority to issue these licenses to those who meet the criteria. The motor vehicle license in Illinois is valid for  four years. After the license expires, it can be renewed easily. To apply for a license first the eligibility criteria must be checked.

It may contain the following rules:
• A person should be 18 years of age
• After the age of 15 years would get a permit
• For those who are younger than 18 years driving education becomes mandatory
• Must pass the vision test
• Must pass the traffic rules and signs test
• Must pass the road test

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To get the form of application for a driving license, the nearest local DMV office can be looked up. The form is not available online. When a person comes for the form from a local office an appointment for the written test can be taken up. The fee of the application for motor vehicle license in Illinois is $10. Other requirements include proof that the individual is a resident of Illinois. Documents that state the birth date and full name of the applicant are also required. In addition to this, a social security number is needed. At the DMV office before the test a thumbprint and a picture is taken. This written test is mandatory for learner’s permit as well as for a driving license. To pass the written test individuals can take up practice classes. These practice tests are easily available online. One can also get Illinois’s driver’s handbook to learn about the rules of driving in Illinois.

As for the driving test it is mandatory for first time drivers. Before taking the actual driving test it is best to practice with a person who has a driving license and can provide better guidance. Some people opt for driver’s training schools to learn the driving skills. Driver’s education programs are easily available and are offered by public and private schools. It must be checked that the institute is accredited by the Illinois Department of Motor Vehicles. It is best to take the driving test when the person is confident of his or her driving skills. The car that is to be used for the driving test should be insured. An insured car cannot be driven on Illinois roads.

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How can I apply for license?

If you want to apply for license, then you must be fulfilling the eligibility criteria at first. Get the application form, appear in the written test and clearing it is required to appear in driving test (mandatory). For more details, you can contact us anytime or go through the information available on our website.

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