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El Paso - DMV - Colorado - Division of Motor Vehicles

State:Colorado - Division of Motor Vehicles - DMV
DMV Location: El Paso DMV Office - CO
DMV Office Address: 5650 Industrial Place, Colorado Springs, CO 80916
South - Powers Branch
DMV Phone Number:

Q:I don't want to show up at the Colorado Springs DMV CO only to find it closed. What are its hours of operation?

A:The office of the DMV in Colorado Springs observes slightly different timings from other similar offices. Though it is open on all weekdays, i.e. from Mondays through Fridays, it is only so from 8' o clock in morning to 4.30 pm in the evening. However, before going to the local DMV, you should still call the office and confirm. Please click on other links on this site for getting more details.

Q:On what days is the DMV in Colorado Springs CO usually closed?

A:The Colorado Springs DMV is definitely closed on Saturdays and Sundays. However, the DMV offices in Colorado Springs, Colorado are also closed on all federal and state holidays such as Memorial Day, Martin Luther King Day, Veterans Day, Independence Day, St. Patrick's Day, Columbus day and Independence Day for instance. Learn more by browsing through our website.

Q:Are the Colorado Springs DMV hours the same everyday and if yes then what are they? Can I get all services during these hours?

A:Yes, the Colorado Springs DMV offices keep the same service hours on all weekdays from Mondays to Fridays. These are from 8'o clock in the morning to 4.30 am. The local DMV offers all services during its business hours that range from issuing driver's licenses and identification cards to conducting written and road tests as well as dealing with commercial vehicles.

Q:How can I be sure that I will be able to get my work done at the Colorado Springs DMV when I go there?

A:Before going to the Colorado Springs DMV, you have to be sure that it is at least open for operations. Make sure that you are visiting the offices between 8.00 am to 4.30 pm from Mondays to Fridays only, as the local DMV is not open on Saturdays and Sundays. If you are looking for more detail, feel free to browse through our site.

Q:What kinds of services does the DMV Colorado Springs DMV provide and how can I pay for them?

A:The local DMV offices located in Colorado Springs in Colorado offer a full range of related services. These include issuing regular and commercial driving licenses, conducting road and written tests, as well as issuing identification cards to non-drivers. You can pay for these services either though cash, check or Money Order. If you need more information, browse through our site.