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Winston Salem - NCDOT - North Carolina - Division of Motor Vehicles

State:North Carolina - Division of Motor Vehicles - NCDOT
DMV Location: Winston Salem, Parkway Plaza - NC
DMV Office Address: 1141 Silas Creek Parkway, Winston Salem, NC 27127

DMV Phone Number: 336-725-2795

Q:My search on DMV Winston Salem NC led to the mention of Vehicle Emissions & Safety Inspection. Can you tell me more about it?

A:Vehicle Safety Inspection and On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) Emissions Inspection are required annually before the vehicle registration is renewed. These inspections are mandatory for some counties. The state has also exempted certain vehicles from these inspections. Safety inspection fee is $13.60. Emissions inspection fee including safety inspections is $30.00. If you are purchasing a new vehicle you will be issued a receipt certifying inspection compliance which is valid until the license plate is due for renewal.

Q:While searching on Winston Salem DMV, I came across the Tag and Tax Together Program. Can you explain it to me?

A:North Carolina's Vehicle Tag and Tax Together Program collects vehicle property taxes along with registration renewals, so that these can be paid together. Provided that you have a current address on vehicle registration, you will receive a statement almost sixty days prior to registration expiration, listing the payable vehicle registration fees and taxes. The annual vehicle inspection, registration renewal and vehicle property tax will be due the same month every year beginning from the year 2013.

Q:What is the address of the Winston Salem DMV NC from where I can get my vehicle registration and plates?

A:Though there are three offices of the DMV in Winston Salem, North Carolina, the one that handles vehicle registration and renewals as well as the issuance of license plates is located at 1141 Silas Creek Parkway. You may also need to call ahead before going as the office might be closed due to a state or federal holiday.

Q:What is the Winston Salem DMV phone number for the vehicle registration and plates office as well as the ones for the driver licensing service centers?

A:The number for the vehicular registration office is (336) 725-2795. This office is located at 1141 Silas creek Pathway. Of the two DMV offices in Winston Salem that offer driver's licensing, one is located on Silas Creek Pathway and can be reached at (336) 761-2258. The other one, which is located towards the north of the city, can be contacted at (336) 761-2259.