West Virginia DMV Office Locations

Q:Can I transfer a valid out-of-state license to a WV license at the West Virginia DMV?

A:Yes. You will have to bring the required documents to the DMV including the proof of identity, proof of WV residency, proof of social security number and proof of legal name change documents if you ever changed your name. Your out-of-state license has to be surrendered. You will be required to pass a vision test and complete an alcohol awareness course. Applicants less than 18 years of age must pass a written examination as well.

Q:What kind of documentation does the DMV West Virginia require as proof of identity from first-time and renewal applicants?

A:All individuals that are applying for a first-time or a duplicate license or photo ID card or even for a renewal of these are required to bring two or three different kinds of documents as proof of their identity. The proof of a social security number and the proof of West Virginia residency is a must and if your name has changed since last time, then documents proving a legal name change are also required.

Q:What is the "Drive for Five" program that has been implemented by the DMV WV?

A:Under the "Drive for Five," it is easier to remember the expiry date of your driving license. This is useful for avoiding late fees and fines in case of an expired license. The expiry dates for all driver 's licenses, including CDL ones, will be set in the month of your birth and that too when your age is a multiple of 5, starting from 25 onwards. For further details, please click on other links on our site.

Q:What kinds of documents are accepted as proof of identity by the WV DMV?

A:The basic document that establishes proof of your identity is your birth certificate, of which both an original and a certified copy are acceptable. Birth certificates issued by the US department of state as well as the US Military are also acceptable, as are valid and unexpired US passports. For foreign-born US residents, documents issued by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), such as a Permanent Resident Card, Certificate of Naturalization or a Certificate of Citizenship, are also acceptable.