Buying New Car in California

Buying a new car in California
The experience of rolling a new car out of a showroom is incomparable to that of getting a used car.  Who would not want that, especially if you can afford it? Buying a new car is always more satisfying as you know that you are getting a car that is reliable.  A new car comes with the warranty of the manufacturer. Getting a pre-owned or a used car entails lengthy car evaluation processes and paperwork. Still at times a buyer can be unsure of his or her choice. So if you can afford a new car why bother with all the hassle of checking and rechecking cars.

Like all car sales, buying a new car in California has certain rules and guidelines. Knowing them can help you in the car buying process.

Given below are some factors that must be kept in mind while buying a new car in California:

  • The buying process starts with a thorough search. You can look up various sources like the newspaper ads, internet, dealerships and showrooms for your requirements and specifications. An online search can be very helpful in this regard. As sitting at home you can search for car information and compare the prices easily to see what fits your budget.
  • You can also check consumer reports and reviews about a particular make or a model and find useful information on the price, fuel economy and other features of the car. There is safety record, resale value and insurance rates information available on the internet which can be quite helpful.
  • While considering the cost of a new car, it must be remembered that apart from the car price there are other costs that must also be taken into account. These would include the insurance costs, sales tax, registration, licensing fee and dealer fee as well.
  • Under the California law when buying a new car you must get the manufacturer’s guarantee that states the manufacturer being responsible for specific repairs. A dealer may also offer additional warrantees that need to be understood clearly.
  • When going to seal a deal you must take the Bill of sale with you. California bill of sale can be downloaded from the internet. It is needed to have the car registered and includes the VIN number, license plate number, the model, make and year of the car.

Before taking your new car on the road you must have it registered with California department of motor vehicle. For the initial registration you would have to go in person and the registration fee can vary depending on a number of factors like the car make, model and license plates etc.

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