Buying New Car in Georgia

Are you thinking of buying new car in Georgia? Are you aware of the documentation you need before you can drive your vehicle around in town? Georgia’s laws require multiple documents, and the process can get tedious if you are unsure of any step.

The first important document you will need is the Bill of Sale. Available online, this form is necessary for you to apply for registration and titling of your new car, and to obtain license plates as well. The bill of sale contains complete information about the purchaser and the seller, as well as a complete description of the vehicle. This is a measure enforced by the state in order to grant the purchaser some protection if the car presents a defect after purchase. It also confirms the legality of the purchase, ensuring you do not become liable to criminal action of any kind later.

In most cases, the documents pertaining to registration and titling of your new car are taken care of by the dealer you purchase from. You have 90 days from the date of purchase to register your vehicle to reflect your ownership. Delaying it can result in monetary penalties and even a confiscation of your driving privileges.

Upon buying new car in Georgia, you will also have to pay a one-time sales tax, which is to be paid when you apply for registration and not to the dealer you bought the car from. This tax is paid to the Tax Commissioner’s Office, which is also responsible for handling your registration payments and process.

Make sure that the information you have put down on all your documents is without any errors and is true. Any discrepancy will not only hamper the process of registering your car, it will also result in extra penalties from the Tax Commissioner’s Office.

Once your registration process has been completed and you have obtained your license plates, title document, and registration papers, you can finally claim to be the rightful owner of your vehicle. It is important that you carry all these documents in your car at all times, to act as proof of identity and ownership if need be.

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